Wind Design

Blowing in the wind

Going a step further than the original Wind Floorstanding, the Wind Design is refined to the highest sonic tolerances. With its hand-selected drivers and exclusive crossover components, the Wind Design offers ultra-broad all-axis sound staging performance. Designed like a musical instrument, the Wind Design delivers sonic expressivity to the absolute, pulling you inside the music.
Dressed for uncompromising musical renditions, the Wind Design’s six-layer multicoated finishes results in additional structural rigidity. The deep luster finish not only adds shine but also allows for a more cohesive acoustic behavior. At the base of the front baffle is a new articulating claw that is adjustable for slanting back the baffle for precise spatial alignment. The rear skid-plate decoupling system allows for additional spatial performance.


  • Product Information
    • Features

      • Design features
        - Avant-garde design
        - Superior sonic architecture
        - Complex cabinet geometry
        - Absolute surreal holographic imaging
        - Design 6-layer multicoated polyester design finishes
      • Technical features
        - Exclusive (4x) driver 3-way speaker system
        - On- and off-axis point source imaging
        - Specially damped, long-throw woofer
        - Special low resonance tweeter with chamber
        - Multiple midranges
        - Extreme-quality hard-wired crossover

    • Specifications

      Break-in time  200 - 250 hours
      Placement from rear wall   91.44 - 213.36 cm
      Placement distance apart  182.88 - 426.72 cm
      Frequency Response  24 Hz - 21 kHz ± 3 dB (in room)
      Impedance  4 ohms
      Sensitivity  87 dB
      Tweeter 2.54 cm alloy dome flexible linear suspension.

      Special low resonance tweeter with chamber.

      Max SPL's In average room ( 4 x 6 m) 114 dB peak from pair at 2 m
      Recommended Power  80 - 250 W
      Crossover Frequency Woofer to mids, 2nd order / 2nd order

      Mids to tweeter, 2nd order / 2nd order

      Woofer  21.59 cm cast frame, specially damped.

      High power handling.

      Long throw characteristics.

      Mid-Woofers (2) 7.62 cm voice coil. Cast frame. High power handling.

      Wrap-around neodymium magnet structure.

      Accurate linear throw.

      Dimensions (w x h x d)CM
      Width  27.18  cm
      Height 112.522 cm
      Depth 35.56 cm
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