Tribe In-Wall

A revolution is in the air

The all-enclosed, meticulously crafted and astonishing Tribe In-Wall speakers unfold Totem’s legendary imaging, off-axis performance and full-range musicality with majestic and awe-inspiring sound. They completely redefine in-wall/in-ceiling performance and imaging standards.

Designed to engulf and immerse the listener in a totally realistic and believable 3D sonic experience, the Tribe In-Wall redefines exactness, speed and musicality. For easy use under any conditions, they perform with astonishing presence, no matter the size of your space.

  • Product Information
    • Features

      • Design features
        - One-piece construction with high-quality painted back box
        - Anodized aluminum front frame
        - One-step paintable neodymium-activated aluminum grills
        - Even-tension high-torque wall clamps
      • Technical features
        - Easy impedance 6-ohm load
        - Bi-wire gold-plated terminals
        - Rear-wire management channels
        - Neodymium-activated long-throw woofers
        - Dual-stage passive radiators
        - Extreme-quality hard-wired crossover
        - 110 dB peak from pair, 90 dB efficiency

    • Specifications

      Design Full back-boxed, high-performance loudspeaker
      Frequency Response 48 Hz – 25 kHz ±3 dB
      Impedance 6 ohms
      Crossover Point 2.5 kHz
      Recommended Power 30 - 100 W
      Efficiency 90 dB
      Woofers 11.43 cm black polypropylene cone woofer
      Tweeter 3.175 cm soft dome tweeter
      Passive 15.24 cm oval dual stage passive radiator
      Grills fully magnetic paintable metal grills (factory finish white)
      Overall Exterior Dimensions
      Width 18.5 cm
      Height 74.6 cm
      Depth 9.525 cm
      Cut-out Dimensions
      Width 15.7 cm
      Height 71.58 cm

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