The LD Systems PPA 2 is a very compact analogue phono preamplifier, which equalises the extremely low output signal of conventional turntables to RIAA standards. It allows you to connect to devices without any phono input, such as mixers, PA power amplifiers or sound cards.

The phono inputs are designed as RCA jacks, just like the line outputs; the PPA 2 also has a screw terminal for the ground conductor of the turntable and a 6.3 mm stereo jack for connecting a headset. The THD factor of the preamplifier is below 0.05% and the channel separation is -75 dB.

The LD Systems PPA 2 uses a 12 V AC adapter; a bright LED indicates the power supply on the top of the sturdy metal chassis

  • Product Information

    • Specifications

      Product type: Other Studio and Recording Equipment
      Type: Stereo Input / Stereo Output
      Frequency response: RIAA CurveHz
      Signal-to-noise ratio: 70dB
      THD: <0.05%
      Crosstalk: -75dB
      Max. input level: -23.5dBV
      Max Output Level: +10dBV
      Input impedance (kOhms): 47kOhm
      Output impedance: 50Ohm(s)
      Indicators: power LED
      Inputs: 1 x Phono Stereo
      Input connectors: Earth terminal, 2 x RCA
      Line outputs: Headphones, Line Stereo
      Line output connectors: 6.3 mm TRS, 2 x RCA
      Operating voltage: External Power Supply, 12 V DC
      Current draw: 0.15A
      Width: 104mm
      Height: 36mm
      Depth: 67mm
      Weight: 0,28kg