NAD C 558

Sophisticated Technology

When it comes to the C 558, we have chosen to use a sophisticated power supply that powers a precision clock motor to achieve nearly perfect speed consistency and smoothness. The motor itself is isolated from noise and voltage fluctuations . The motor uses a specially developed rubber belt that is flat ground for precision and drives a non-resonant sub platter that is also precisely machined for smooth rotation. This sits in a brass bearing with a hardened steel shaft. All of these parts are carefully developed to work together to provide a remarkably stable and precise rotation of the disc.

The C 558’s tonearm at 9” long it offers low tracking distortion while maintaining rigidity and low mass required to stabilize the cartridge. By allowing VTF and Azimuth adjustment we get precise tracking with low distortion and record wear.

The glass platter and massive plinth combine to extract all the energy from the disc while isolating unwanted external vibration. These details further ensure that your vinyl listening experience is truly transcendent.

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    • Specifications

      Nominal speed 33/45 rpm, manual speed change
      Speed variance 33rpm: ± < 0.50%, 45rpm: ± < 0.45%
      Wow and flutter 33rpm: ± < 0.15%, 45rpm: ± < 0.15%
      Downforce range 0 – 30 mN, 0 – 3.0 grams
      Frequency Range 20-22.000Hz
      Output Voltage 4mV
      Tracking Force Recommended 15mN
      Cartridge Weight 5g
      Stylus Type 20μm/mN – elliptical
      Dimensions (w x h x d)
      Dimensions (W x H x D) 435 x 340 x 125mm (17 1/8 x 13 3/8 x 4 59/64”)
      Net weight 5.5 kg (turntable) – 1.74 kg (platter)
      Shipping weight 8kg

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