DS 21

19″ DSP Controller 3-channel

The LD DS2.1 is a universal 3-channel DSP controller for 2.1 loudspeaker systems with 24-bit processing and convenient front panel operation providing easy setup and high quality audio performance.

Designed for live sound and fixed applications the rack mountable unit offers extensive parameter control of its EQ, crossover, delay and limiter functions. The LD DS2.1 features a 3-band parametric EQ with adjustable Q and high shelf / low shelf selection. The crossover includes Butterworth, Bessel and Linkwitz-Riley filters with 6 dB to 24 dB slopes. Delay time is adjustable to a maximum of 12.5 ms for each of the three outputs and the limiter provides independent threshold and hold time setting for the L / R and subwoofer channels.

A backlit 2 x 16 LCD and jog wheel allow for quick parameter adjustment and recall of up to 6 presets. Also provides real time level meter. The rear panel features XLR connectors for left and right input, left and right plus sub XLR outputs and a USB port. Software and a power cord is included.

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    • Specifications

      Product type: Signal Processors
      Type: 3-channel, 3-channel
      AD/DA converter: 24bit
      Sampling frequency: 48kHz
      Frequency response: 20 - 20.000Hz
      Filter type: Bessel, Butterworth, Linkwitz-Riley
      Delay: max. 12.5mS
      Filter slew rate: 24dB/oct, 18dB/oct, 12dB/oct, 6dB/oct
      Dynamic range: > 100dB
      Signal-to-noise ratio: 87dB
      THD: 0.01%
      Crosstalk: > 80dB
      Max. input level: + 13dBu
      Max. output level: + 13dBu
      Input impedance (kOhms): 22kOhm
      Output impedance: 300Ohm(s)
      Controls: Power, Edit, Parameter, Recall
      Indicators: multifunction LC display
      Line inputs: 2
      Line input connectors: XLR
      Line outputs: 3
      Line output connectors: XLR (balanced)
      Interfaces: USB
      Mains connector: IEC socket
      Operating voltage: 90 V AC - 250 V AC, 50 - 60 Hz
      Width: 482mm
      Height: 44.5mm
      Depth: 160mm
      Weight: 1,8kg

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