The CS series loudspeakers are high-quality in-ceiling loudspeakers, delivering exceptional sound quality and value for a wide variation of applications, ranging from paging and announcements to background music systems in a wide range of business applications, including hotels, restaurants and pubs, corporate offices, retail stores, etc.

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      • The CS75 in-ceiling loudspeaker features a 5 ¼” driver with a coaxially mounted 1” tweeter, having a continuous power handling of 30 Watt and a maximum power handling of 60 Watt.
      • The 2-way construction makes the CS75 the perfect match for a wide variation highly demanding of applications, guaranteeing a high-quality and true-to-nature reproduction of music and speech.
      • The moisture proof treatment on the speakers’ cone and aluminum front grill protects it for installation in humid or outdoor environments.
      • A multi-tapping line transformer fitted with Fast-con™ allows fast and smooth connections to 100 Volt public address or low impedance systems.
      • The mounting of the loudspeaker into the ceiling is achieved with a Quick-fix mechanism, offering a great installers convenience and lifetime stability.
      • The construction of the speakers’ housing is made out of high-quality ABS, while the front is covered by a solid powder-coated aluminum grille.
      • It comes available in different colours, while custom painting is possible for a total blending into any environment.

    • Specifications

      Speaker type 2-way coaxial
      Max. Power 60 W
      RMS Power 30 W
      Sensitivity (1W/1m) 90 dB
      Sound Pressure (Max. W/1m) 104 dB
      Impedance 8 Ω (CS75)
      16 Ω (CS75D)
      Connectors Multi-tap Fast-con™ connections
      Drivers 5” MF / LF Woofer
      1” Dome tweeter
      Line Transformer Tappings
      1 24 W / 417 Ω
      2 12 W / 833 Ω
      3 6 W / 1667 Ω
      Response (± 3 dB) 60 Hz - 20 kHz
      Range (-10 dB) 50 Hz - 20 kHz
      Type Passive built-in
      Conical 135° (Half space (flush mounted in ceiling), average 100 Hz to 10 kHz @ -6 dB)
      Dimensions 202.5 x 82 mm (Ø x D)
      Weight 1.180 kg (CS75)
      0.930 kg (CS75D)
      Construction ABS
      Mounting & handling Quick-fit installation system (4-screw)
      Front finish Aluminium grill
      Cut-out measurement 165 mm (Ø)
      Built-in depth 77 mm
      Colours Black (RAL9005) (CS75/B)
      White (NCS S 1000-N) (CS75, CS75D)
      White (RAL9010) (CS75/W, CS75D/W)

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