Precision 6C

The Precision 6C is a high performance, luxury centre channel loudspeaker, precision matched acoustically and cosmetically to the main loudspeaker models in the range. Designed for use Precision based multi-channel loudspeaker systems, the Precision 6C is a dedicated centre channel loudspeaker crafted to deliver pitch-perfect dialogue. The horizontal form and matching plinth allow the Precision 6C to be placed under the TV or screen on AV furniture or a dedicated shelf.



The Precision 150 mm (6”) Dual Concentric is at the heart of the 6C, accompanied by a 150 mm (6”) bass driver for additional LF extension and impact. The compact cabinet offers all the benefits of the Precision curved cabinet design and is acoustically loaded with an Auxiliary Bass Radiator (ABR) to further enhance bass response. The front-mounted ABR allows the Precision 6.C to be placed close to rear walls or on equipment shelves while retaining all the articulation and dynamics of the matching Precision loudspeakers.



The 20 litre cabinet allows Precision 6C to reach down to a class-leading 36Hz low frequency response. This allows this innovative centre channel speaker to recreate the full spectrum of voices and accurately portray inflections and nuances. A dedicated plinth is supplied to support the curved cabinet and allow the drivers to be angled at the correct height for the seating position.

Body type

The central channel

The number of bands / Acoustic design

Three-band system / Closed type passive speaker

Frequency range

36 Hz - 35,000 Hz (-6 dB)

Directivity pattern

90 degrees


8 ohms


90 dB (2.83 volts @ 1 meter)

Recommended amplifier power

20 W (minimum) / 175 watts (maximum)

Rated power

87 watts (RMS) / 350W (peak)

Tweeter technology Dual Concentric

25 mm titanium dome with the system Tulip WaveGuid, neodymium magnet.

Woofer technology Dual Concentric

1 x 150 mm cone of impregnated paper with rubber surround, patented 44 mm voice coil.


1 x 150 mm cone of impregnated paper with rubber surround, patented 44 mm voice coil.

Passive Speaker

1 x 150 mm diffuser paper impregnated with rubber suspension loaded.

Crossover frequency crossover

170 Hz, 1600 Hz (low frequency - the filter of order 2; high frequency - the filter of the 1st order with deep cryogenic treatment).

Dual-cable connection

There, on the ground to the amplifier.

Housing material and finishing

High-density birch MDF, black lacquer finish.

Dimensions (HxWxD) and weight

237 x 585 x 256 mm

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