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Precision 6.1

Epitomising purist Tannoy design, the Precision 6.1 is a true point source loudspeaker. Featuring a single 150 mm (6”) Precision Dual Concentric driver in a dedicated stand mount cabinet, this compact rear-ported loudspeaker delivers exceptional articulation and musical accuracy. Offering precise imaging and intimate detailing, the Precision 6.1 is ideal for the smaller listening room.


The compact 11.0 litre Precision 6.1 cabinet has sculpted sides and unique internal bracing structure developed specifically for the Precision range. The curves dramatically reduce internals standing waves and reflections, leading to reduced colouration throughout the audio band. The hand-made crossovers, built onto low-resonant boards with components set in Tannoy’s Differential Materials Technology (DMT), have been designed in perfect harmony with the single Precision Dual, leading to outstanding articulation and detailing of music.


The sumptuous curves and immaculate finishing detail of the precision 6.1 is complemented by the silver-colour drivers, smooth trim rings that conceal driver mountings and subtle Tannoy branding. Around the back the luxury continues with full wrap-around finish and a radial terminal panel. This features heavy duty gold plated terminals for single or bi-wiring and Tannoy’s unique fifth grounding terminal. Available in high gloss black or high gloss walnut veneer, the precision 6.1 is Tannoy’s defining compact stand mount loudspeaker

Body type


The number of bands / Acoustic design

Two-way system / phase inverter with one round rear port

Frequency range

43 Hz - 35,000 Hz (-6 dB)

Directivity pattern

90 degrees


8 ohms


88 dB (2.83 volts @ 1 meter)

Recommended amplifier power

20W (minimum) / 150W (maximum)

Rated power

75 watts (RMS) / 300W (peak)

Tweeter technology Dual Concentric

25 mm titanium dome with the system Tulip WaveGuid

Woofer technology Dual Concentric

150 mm cone of impregnated paper with rubber surround, patented 44 mm voice coil.

Crossover frequency crossover

1600 Hz (low frequency - the filter of order 2; high frequency - the filter of the 1st order).

Dual-cable connection

There, on the ground to the amplifier.

Housing material and finishing

High-density birch MDF, veneer finish walnut lacquer, black lacquer

Dimensions (HxWxD) and weight

330 x 224 x 257 mm

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