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Mercury VCi

For multi-channel music and home cinema systems, the Mercury VCi is a centre channel speaker voiced to ensure clarity and perfect tonal balance with the other Vi model loudsepakers. Whether the main stereo pair are Mercury V4i or mercury v1i, the Mercury VCi offers perfectly matched timbre for a seamless fron sound stage and outstanding dialogue coherence.


Based on the components and tuning of the Mercury V1i, the VCi is a horizontal design ideal for placement on TV furniture or within a TV cabinet. To deliverer the richness and depth of male voices, the Mercury VCi features dual 100 mm (4.00”) mid-bass drivers and the Mercury Vi 25mm tweeter centrally mounted between the main drivers.


Built-in mounting screw-threads and supplied wall mount hardware also allow Mercury VCi to be wall mounted directly below the main screen. A compact and solidly constructed speaker, the VCi is fully shielded to prevent colour fringing effects when placed close to screens. To cater for both modern and more traditional decor, Mercury VCi is available in either sugar maple or dark walnut finish.

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