Mercury V1i

The Mercury V1i is a compact stand-mount loudspeaker offering outstanding flexibility and class leading performance. As a front stereo pair the Mercury V1i excels at delivering dynamic bass and the musical articulation of much more costlier designs. Comprehensively upgraded from the award winning Mercury V1, the new Mercury V1i features Tannoy’s all-new magnesium-aluminium alloy dome tweeter offering an extremely wide bandwidth and incredibly detailed high frequency response.


The Mercury V1i benefits from an upgraded crossover with high quality components, high purity silver plated wiring and enhanced with Tannoy’s patent Differential Material Technology (DMT) damping on the HF capacitors. This high tech engineering, distilled down from Tannoy’s high-end loudspeaker designs, ensures Mercury V1i delivers true class-leading acoustic performance.


With its compact cabinet and breath-taking performance, the Mercury V1i is an all-round loudspeaker for music lovers for whom space is at a premium. As a refined two channel stereo music system Mercury V1i delivers truly outstanding performance and value. Tannoy Mercury V1i takes affordable loudspeaker performance to whole new level.

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