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iW 62TS

Designed to accompany any loudspeakers in Tannoy’s iW series, the iW 62TS is a flush-fit in wall subwoofer designed to deliver focused and articulate low frequency performance down to below 30Hz. Designed on the same rigid ABS chassis as the flagship iW 62 TDC, this in-wall subwoofer packs in two 165mm (6.50”) long throw drivers that can be configured in active or passive mode and either mono or stereo configuration.


The active mode configuration bypasses the crossover to allow an external control to control the bandwidth and roll-off points of the drivers, while, the stereo configuration avoid the need to mesh stereo LF output into a mono signal if only a single iW62 is being used in the system. At 92dB/Watt efficient and capable of handling 400 Watt programme power and 800Watt peaks, the iW 62 TS is capable of producing bass from 29Hz to 110Hz (passive mode) at 117dB average maximum SPL with 123dB peaks. Its smooth response across the limited LF range ensure seamless integration with other iW models.


The iW 62 TS is a fully features in-wall subwoofer benefiting from simple installation, Tannoy’s renowned sound quality and discreet paintable frame and grille for near invisible fitment. Suitable for installations where full-range, high fidelity audio performance is required, the iW 62 TS offers premium LF performance for home theatre or multi-room distributed audio systems.

System Type

In-wall Subwoofer

Frequency Response - 6dB

29Hz-110Hz passive (determined by controller in active mode)

Low Frequency Alignment - 6dB

29Hz passive (determined by controller in active mode)

Recommended Amplifier Power

100 - 400

Power Handling

Average 200 Watt, Programme 400 Watt, Peak 800 Watt

Sensitivity 2.83 Volts @ 1 metre

Half Space 94dB

Maximum SPL@ 1 metre

Average 117dB, Peak 123dB


8 (stereo), 4 (mono)


Driver Complement

2 x 165mm (6.50" ) Multi fibre paper pulp cone, long throw


Crossover Passive



determined by controller



White - paintable


Gold plated spring terminals


(Front Baffle) 474.5 x 227 x 108mm (18 5/8 x 81 5/16 x 4 1/4"), (Mounting Panel Thickness) 25mm Maximum

Cut-out Dimensions

426.1 x 187.6 x 95.5mm (16 13/16 x 7 3/8 x 3 3/4")

Rec. in-wall Mounting Volume

30 litres (1.1 cu.ft.)

Mounting Depth

96mm (3 3/4 )

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