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Di6 DC

The Di 6DC is a very high performance, weatherproofloudspeaker featuring a high specification Tannoy Dual Concentric driver. Byplacing the high frequency unit in the centre of the main mid-bass driver, setback within a horn, the result is a true point source driver with outstandingarticulation and phase coherence. The Di 6DC Dual Concentric driver uses alarge 165 mm (6.50”) mid-bass cone that has been resin-treated to increaseweather resistance. At its centre is a potent 25 mm (1.00”) Wideband titaniumdome tweeter with neodymium motor and ferrofluid cooling system.


Capable of handling 180Watt programme materials and 360Wattpeaks, the Di 6DC delivers a perfectlyconical dispersion pattern over 90 degrees. Its formidable 55Hz-35kHz frequencyrange is complimented by high 89db/Watt sensitivity. The Di 6DC is ideal forhigh power high performance installations as it can deliver 109dB average SPLwith 115dB peaks. The result is a potent loudspeaker capable of deliver classleading audio in a wide range of residential and commercial installations.


The Di 6DC is built into a paintable, compact, IP 64 rated HighImpact PolyStyrene enclosure, available in black or white as standard. Thesupplied grille and yoke bracket are colour matched to the main enclosure andconnectivity is by a removable Euroblock connector. This can be connected tothe optional pre-wired Tannoy K-Ball mount if required. The Di 6CDt adds a lowinsertion loss 60W transformer for distributed audio installations with aselection of wattage taps available via the bottom mounted tap switch.


Frequency Response (-3dB) (1) 75Hz - 22kHz
Frequency Range (-10dB) (1) 55Hz - 24kHz
System Sensitivity (1W @1m) (2) 90dB (1W = 2.45V for 6 Ohms)
Nominal Coverage Angle 90 degrees conical
Driver Complement

High Frequency: ICT™
Low Frequency: 165mm (6.50") mineral loaded polypropylene

Crossover 7kHz Inductively coupled
Directivity Factor (Q) 10.5 averaged 1kHz to 10kHz
Directivity Index (DI) 8.4 averaged 1kHz to 10kHz
Rated Maximum SPL Average: 107dB
Peak: 113dB
Power Handling (3) Average: 60W 
Programme: 120W 
Peak: 240W
Recommended Amplifier Power 120W @ 6 Ohms
Nominal Impedance 6 Ohms
Di6t only - Transformer Taps (top rotary switch) 70V: 60W / 30W / 15W / 7.5W / OFF
& low impedance operation
100V: 60W / 30W / 15W / 7.5W / OFF
& low impedance operation
Enclosure High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS)
rated IP64 to EN60529 (IEC529)
Grille Steel, with weather resistant coating
Finish Textured black or white paint
(custom trim colours can be supplied pre-fitted to special order - minimum order quantity applies)
Connectors Euroblock type removable locking connector with screw terminals with "loop through" facility
Fittings 1 x K-Ball™ Bracket socket
2 x M8 yoke bracket inserts
Yoke bracket
Pole mount adaptor
K-Ball™ pre-wired multi angle bracket
Dimensions 357.5 x 230 x 223.2mm
(14.08 x 9.05 x 8.79”)
NET Weight 5.0kg 

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