A purist Tannoy loudspeaker the Definition DC8 is a bold stand mount design of beautifulpropositions. The DC8 offers the latest 8 inch Dual Concentric™ drive unit in acompact, curve wall cabinet constructed from the finest plywood. The 25mmtitanium dome tweeter with tulip waveguide is a true WideBand™ design andoffers exceptional high frequency extension while the powerful bass driver and19 litre port tuned enclosure offers class leading bass down to almost 40Hz.The treated paper pulp mid-bass cone had a rubber surround and 44mm edge woundvoice coil for extremely high efficiency and high power handling.


Inside theformidable definition DC8, the crossover uses audiophile grade componentsthroughout in a design hand build and set in DMT onto non-resonant boards.Wiring is silver plated 99.99% pure copper for the mid-bass and incomingsignal, while the HF section is wired in high purity solid silver cabling. Theterminal panel is furnished with five WBT gold plated binding posts allowingsingle or bi-wiring and the use of Tannoy’s unique fifth terminal to ground thedriver chassis. Deep Cryogenic treatment of the entire crossover and extensiveuse of Tannoy DMT™ technology further improves resolution of detailing and microdynamics.


On theoutside the Definition DC8 exudes class and style from the deep lustre glosslacquer over real wood veneer or piano black, to the flush fitting trim andseemingly fixingless magnetic grille mounts. Whether used a high fidelitymonitors in an audiophile music system or as part of a high-end multichannelmusic and movie set-up, the Definition DC8 delivers unsurpassed accuracy andarticulation. The high-class, high-tech Definition DC8 is Tannoy’s flagshipstand mount loudspeaker.

The number of bands / Acoustic design

Two-way system / phase inverter with one round rear port

Frequency range

42 Hz - 35,000 Hz (-6 dB)

Directivity pattern

90 degrees


8 ohms


88 dB (2.83 volts @ 1 meter)

Recommended amplifier power

30W (minimum) / 175 watts (maximum)

Rated power

87 watts (RMS)

Tweeter technology Dual Concentric

25 mm titanium dome with the system Tulip WaveGuid, neodymium magnet.

Woofer technology Dual Concentric

200 mm corrugated paper cone with rubber surround, patented 44 mm voice coil.

Crossover frequency crossover

1500 Hz (low frequency - the filter of order 2; high frequency - the filter of the 1st order with deep cryogenic treatment).

Dual-cable connection

There, on the ground to the amplifier.

Housing material and finishing

High-density birch MDF, veneer cherry finish (varnish), dark walnut (LAC), black lacquer.

Dimensions (H x W x D)

470 x 271 x 260 mm

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