RF 1

The LD Systems RF1 is designed to help minimizing the undesirable hall reflections, noises and echos in order to obtain a very „dry“ vocal or instrumental recording signal. This filter allows good recording results even under unfavorable ambient conditions without having to take complicated measures to reproduce studio conditions or an acoustical insulation. It features a lightweight and rugged construction with high quality soundproofing materials and can be mounted on all conventional microphone stands.

The microphone holder of the RF1 is adjustable for both depth and height and thus permits excellent acoustic isolation of all types of microphones, even with large-diaphragm microphones.

Product number: LDRF1
Product type: Microphone filter
Type: Sound reflection filter
Threaded connector: 5/8"
Material: foam
Width: 504mm
Height: 306mm
Depth: 270mm
Accessories (included): Adapter 5/8" to 3/8"
Other features: height-adjustable
Weight: 3kg



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