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MEI 100 G2 B 5

The new LD Systems MEI 100 G2 B 5 In-Ear Monitoring-System with 96 UHF channels offers outstanding sound quality and a large dynamic range in the 584 - 607 MHz band.

The system toggles between mono and stereo mode for perfect monitoring for live musicians, actors or speakers. A built-in limiter ensures even, distortion-free sound reproduction with a frequency response of 80Hz - 15 kHz and stands out because of its high signal-to-noise ratio and low total harmonic distortion. The LD MEI 100 G2 permits simultaneous operation of up to 5 systems.

Both transmitter and receiver feature multifunctional displays that show all important system information. With high quality batteries, it is possible to attain running times of 10 hours and more. The MEI 100 G2 package includes high-quality earphones, a 19" rackmount kit, and a rugged transport box made of ABS plastic.

Product number: LDMEI100G2B5
Product type: In-Ear Monitoring Set
Transmission frequency range: 584.000 - 607.000MHz
Weight: 1.2kg
LDMEI100G2BPRB5 - Receiver for LDMEI100G2 In-Ear Monitoring System band 5 584 - 607 MHz  
Product type: beltpack receiver
Transmission frequency range: 584.000MHz
Channels: 96 (8 groups of 12 channels)
Transmission method: FM, stereo
Frequency response: 80Hz
THD: 0.25 %
Audio output: 3.5 mm TRS
Max. audio output level: 100mW
Controls: up, down, set, volume
Indicators: LC display, RF (LED)
Operating voltage: 2 x 1.5 V AA
Operating time: > 10 hrs.
Width: 65mm
Height: 95mm
Depth: 25mm
Weight: 0.1kg
Features: incl. batteries
LDMEI100G2TB5 - Transmitter for LDMEI100G2 In-Ear Monitoring System frequency range 5 584 - 607 MHz  
Product type: transmitter
Transmission frequency range: 584.000MHz
Channels: 96 (8 groups of 12 channels)
Modes of operation: mono/stereo
Transmission method: FM, stereo
Rated HF output power: 10 mW
Frequency response: 80Hz
Inputs: 2
Input connectors: XLR, 6.3 mm Jack
Input impedance (kOhms): 8.5kOhm
Antenna connector: TNC
Controls: up
Indicators: LC display
Operating voltage: 12 - 18 V DC
Width: 212mm
Height: 38mm
Depth: 90mm
Weight: 1.1kg
Accessories (included): batteries, headphones, power supply, antenna

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