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SUB 2070

Simply pair your iPhone, iPad or an Android device with the new ELAC subwoofers and adjust the sound to your preferences. The ELAC app required can be downloaded free of charge. Now what is really clever about the system is that there are no complicated network connections necessary as subwoofer and mobile device communicate directly via BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy).

Model number SUB 2070
Format Amplifier built-in subwoofer (2-way active / sealed)
Unit 250mm AS CONE × 2
Cut-off frequency upper limit 40-50Hz
Frequency characteristic 18Hz-180Hz
Amplifier section Maximum 600W
Input LFE (RCA) × 1, SPEAKER × 3
Size (H × W × D) 475 × 360 × 385mm
Weight 32kg
Finish High-gloss black

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