CC 261

Line 200 is the new German Elac in 2014 launched a new series, the biggest feature is the circular speaker cabinet, which is first introduced Elac curved horn cabinet. Of course, Elac launched a complete multi-channel solutions, the finishing touch is this CC 261 center channel.

Since it is a 200 series center channel, CC 261 is curved like the box, but in order to meet the center channel applications, Elac relatively compact design height, just 17 cm, only suitable with the projector, if you are using large flat-screen TV, CC 261 flat box can easily be placed in the decoration of Aigui top.
To allow CC 261 become "a powerful center channel", Elac limited inside the box put into the 2 1/2-way, is quite special design, so CC 261 midrange and woofer though, and BS 263 and FS 267, as are the AX-XR Crystal 150mm cone woofer, bass extension but up to 34Hz, almost equally powerful and floor models FS 267. Also, because it is for use with the surround amplifier, the efficiency of CC 261 is 89dB, it seems difficult to drive on the specifications, most surround amplifier should be able to push it well. Of course, the selection of the most important parts of Elac, is the exclusive JET pneumatic treble, CC 261, of course, with the newest JET 5, high-frequency extension straight 50kHz. If your home's multi-channel system, with only a small center channel, do not doubt, and that is the key to multi-channel effect is not good, and quickly got CC 261, with a strong center channel to multi-channel key fill part of it.

Type: 2 1/2 3-way bass reflex single center channel speaker

Monomer: JET 5 tweeter × 1,150mm AS-XR crystal cone woofer × 2
Frequency Response: 34Hz ~ 50kHz
Crossover: 450Hz / 2.6kHz
Sensitivity: 89dB
Impedance: 4-8 Ohms
Size: 170 × 430 × 350mm (H × W × D)
Weight: 10.4kg

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