The VEXO8 is a high-output loudspeaker cabinet, featuring an 8” high efficiency mid/low range driver and 1” compression driver fitted with a 100° x 80° coverage horn, providing a powerful and detailed sound in a compact cabinet.


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      • The exceptional accuracy
        clarity coming from this compact cabinet is recommended to be extended with a complementary bass cabinet adding the punchy & deep bass, resulting in a stunning sound over the entire frequency range.
      • elegant enclosure
        Their elegant enclosure allows them to be used in modern & trendy installation applications such as bars and nightclubs, while their functional features make them perfect for use in compact mobile systems.
      • It delivers a powerful full-range

        sound with an RMS rating of 175 Watt and a maximum of 350 Watt.
      • Connections are made using two speaker
        Connections are made using two speaker connectors allowing linkthrough to other cabinets.
      • Mounting in both horizontal and vertical direction
        possible with the included wall bracket and the rotatable horn.
      • An optional 35 mm pole adapter can be installed when used in mobile applications.
      • Compression driver overload protection is provided through an internal limiting circuit.

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