The MERO speakers will blend beautifully into any interior due to their nearly invisible design making only their extraordinary sound draw your attention.
Their slim grill with very thin border of only 1 mm and limited grill depth extrudes the surface by only 3.2 mm when installed.
The Ultra-compact size enables the MERO2 smoothly integrate into any interior like no other loudspeaker.

  • Product Information
    • Features

      • The outer dimensions only measure only 146 x 98 mm and the built-in depth which doesn’t exceed 70 mm allows installation in any surface while being unobtrusive.
      • The sound originates from a 2” aluminum cone driver which provides a full-range, warm and detailed sound, with an improved response in the low frequencies due to a ported enclosure with closed back can. This way, a smooth sound reproduction with clear and crisp sound is guaranteed.
      • An internal self-resetting network provides an optimal overload protection. All these details share their part to the quality of the MERO 2, resulting in a highly reliable loudspeaker producing a pure sound with a maximum power handling of 20 Watt and an RMS power handling of 10 Watt.
      • An elegant look with minimal visual impact is created by the slim grill with very thin border, while lifetime stability, secure mounting and easy installation is guaranteed using the quick-fix mechanism which can be tightened by two screws and the Gold-Con™ spring clamp connectors.
      • The grill is held in place using neodymium magnets, providing a quick and reliable assembly. Installation can be done both vertically and horizontally.
      • Comes in 2 variants MERO2D - 16 Ohm version & MERO2 - 2" high-end slim in-wall speaker

    • Specifications

      Speaker type Full range
      Max. Power 20 W
      RMS Power 10 W
      Impedance 8 Ω (MERO2)
      16 Ω (MERO2D)
      Sensitivity (1W/1m) 83 dB
      Sound Pressure (Max. W/1m) 93 dB
      Connectors Gold-Con™ spring clamps
      Response (± 3 dB)
      120 Hz - 20 kHz
      Range (-10 dB) 100 Hz - 20 kHz
      Drivers 2” Aluminium membrane (coaxial)
      Dispersion Horizontal : 165°
      Vertical : 165°
      Construction ABS
      Front finish Thin edged white grill (RAL9003)
      Mounting & handling 2 Screw quick-fixing mechanism
      Colours Black frame & white grill
      Dimensions (w x h x d)mm
      Dimensions 146 x 98 x 70 mm (W x H x D)
      Weight 0.355 kg
      Cut-out measurement 128 x 80 mm
      Built-in depth 70 mm

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