The HS121 is a full range sound projector based on a 4″ driver especially designed to provide quality sound with a long throw range in a wide variation of in- and outdoor applications.
Its wide, smooth frequency response and high efficiency ensure high-fidelity music reproduction along with superb projection of clear and intelligible speech at very low distortion.

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    • Features

      • It delivers a power of 20 Watt RMS in standard 8 Ohm systems with a maximum power of 40 Watt but it can also be used in 100V PA systems.
      • The 100V line transformer has power taps for 20 Watt, 10 Watt and 5 Watt which can be selected by the special designed 5-pin waterproof connector.
      • This connector allows selecting the desired power tapping depending on the angle of rotation of the connector.
      • The housing is made of the strongest ABS material in a light-grey colour, ensuring a smooth blend of the loudspeaker in all different kinds of environments.
      • The IP rating of IP65 makes it suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use.
      • For safety reasons, the speaker is provided with an internal steel safety cable, which prevents the speaker from falling, even in situations where the housing of the speaker has been damaged or broken.

    • Specifications

      Max. Power 40 W
      RMS Power 20 W
      Impedance 8 Ω
      Sensitivity (1W/1m) 96 dB
      Sound Pressure (Max. W/1m) 109 dB
      Connectors 4-pin Euro Terminal Block (Pitch - 5.08 mm)
      Response (± 3 dB)
      180 Hz - 13 kHz
      Range (-10 dB) 15 Hz - 15 kHz
      Line Transformer Tappings 20 W / 500 Ω
      10 W / 1000 Ω
      5 W / 2000 Ω
      Dispersion Horizontal : 60°
      Vertical : 80°
      Construction Fire retardant ABS
      Front finish Aluminium grill
      Mounting & handling Aluminium U bracket
      Colours Grey (RAL 7035)
      Dimensions (w x h x d)mm
      Dimensions 220 x 160 x 250 mm (W x H x D)
      Weight 2 kg

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