DAVE 15 G3


The DAVE 15 G3 is a powerful active compact system. A bass reflex subwoofer with a 15″ driver constitutes the massive, powerful foundation. The satellites with 8″ drivers and HF horns are responsible for a natural sounding, assertive midrange and transparent treble. The subwoofer incorporates a 2.1 power amp module that drives the components of the DAVE 15 G3 with 2800W of Peak power.

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      Product type PA Complete Systems
      Colour Black
      Max. SPL (continuous) 121dB
      Frequency response 35 - 19000Hz
      Weight 60,9kg
      Mid/Hi System
      Midrange size 203.2mm
      Midrange magnet Ferrite
      Midrange brand Custom-made
      Midrange voice coil 1.5"
      Midrange voice coil 38.1mm
      Horn CD horn
      Tweeter dimensions (mm) 25.4mm
      Tweeter magnet Ferrite
      Tweeter voice coil 1"
      Mid/Hi system impedance 4Ohm(s)
      Speaker input connections Speakon compatible
      Mid/Hi system height 430mm
      Mid/Hi system features ergonomically shaped insert handles
      Low/mid driver dimensions 15"
      Woofer voice coil (mm) 76.2mm
      Cabinet construction vented
      Subwoofer width 480mm
      Subwoofer height 570mm
      Subwoofer features LD Systems "Evolutive" handles
      Amplifier module (integrated in subwoofer)
      Amplifier Class A/B
      Protection circuits limiter
      Cooling volume-controlled fan
      Controls Subwoofer Phase Reverse, Power, Sub level
      Indicators on/off, Limit, Signal
      Operating voltage transformer, 220 V AC - 240 V AC
      Power consumption 1000VA
      Line inputs 2
      Line input connectors RCA
      Line output connectors XLR
      Speaker output connections Speakon compatible

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