The CSF506MK2 is a fire-protected ceiling speaker with a 5″ cone, capable of producing a power of 6 Watt.
It ensures a good reproduction of speech and background music.

  • Product Information
    • Features

      • It is fitted with a 100V line transformer with power taps for 6 Watt and 3 Watt to be used in large 100V PA systems.
      • speaker is equipped
        The speaker is equipped with a special steel fire protection dome fitted around the speaker and a steel front grill with flame retardant materials.
      • This provides the fire protection according to the EN60849 standard.

    • Specifications

      Speaker type Broadband
      Max. Power 10 W
      RMS Power 6 W
      Impedance 8 Ω
      Sound Pressure (Max. W/1m) 90 dB
      Drivers 5”
      Line Transformer Tappings 6 W / 1666 Ω
      3 W / 3333 Ω
      Frequency Response (± 3 dB) 90 Hz - 18 kHz
      Construction Steel fire protection dome
      Front finish Steel with flame retardant materials
      Dimensions (w x h x d)CM
      Dimensions 180 x 127 mm (Ø x D)
      Weight 1.300 kg
      Cut-out measurement 160 mm (Ø)

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